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Shifang Konlon Chemical Co.,Ltd was established in August 2002. Its a phosphate manufacturer and trader integrating production, sales and trade. The company is located in the Economic Development Zone (North District) of Shifang City, Sichuan Province, known as the Pearl of West Sichuan Province. It covers an area of dozens of mu and is only more than 50 kilometers away from Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province, with a registered capital of 15 million yuan. It has nearly 200 employees and 10 professional and technical title engineers and technicians.

Since the establishment of the company, it has been making unremitting efforts around the upgrading and independent innovation of refined phosphate product technology. Over the years, the sodium dihydrogen phosphate produced by our company has always been at the leading level in the same phosphate industry. While continuously strengthening and improving the internal management of the enterprise, the company successfully passed the ISO9001 quality certification system in January 2007. The company attaches great importance to the development and expansion of the market, and has offices and material warehouses in Xinjiang, Shandong and other places, making it an important supply station for the company’s products in the market. The company has independent import and export rights, and we have exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asian countries. We have long-term and good business partners in Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Britain, France, Spain, Portugal, the United States, Canada, Brazil and Argentina. Due to the reasonable marketing strategy, the company's sales volume have increased year by year. At the same time, it confirms that our “JINGTAI” brand series products have received unanimous recognition from customers both domestically and internationally.

The company currently has production lines for potassium phosphate, sodium phosphate, ammonium phosphate, anhydrous phosphate, and water soluble fertilizers . The main products are Monopotassium phosphate (MKP), Dipotassium phosphate (DKP), Monosodium phosphate( MSP), Dibasic Sodium Phosphate(DSP), Trisodium phosphate (TSP), Monoammonium phosphate (MAP), Diammonium phosphate (DAP), Urea phosphate, Anhydrous phosphoric acid, Trisodium phosphate anhydrous, and all kinds of water soluble fertilizer, etc. The annual output has reached 100,000 tons, and the annual output value is about 800 million yuan. In the process of production and operation, according to the specific requirements of the quality system, the company strictly implements the principle of three prohibitions for quality management. 1.Unqualified raw materials are not allowed to enter the factory; 2.Unqualified semi-finished products are not allowed to enter the next process, 3.Unqualified products are not allowed to leave the factory. To ensure that customers can buy "JINGTAI" brand phosphate products with high quality and low price in the market. Therefore, the company has also won the honor of being one of the standard setters for the implementation of product production in Sichuan Province.

In the development process of the company, we also combined the manufacturing and procurement advantages, logistics expertise, and distributors around the world. To create a unique global   supply chain. We currently serve the global detergent, industrial and public facility cleaning, agricultural industrialization, water treatment, food processing, leather treatment, pulp and paper, textile, coatings, and electronics industries.

Over the years, the company has achieved rapid development with strong technical strength, high-quality and mature products, and a complete service system. In order to improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise, expand production scale, and increase production intensity, the company has strengthened its external investment in recent years. In 2017, we established Shimian Kanghong Technology Co., Ltd. in Ya'an City, Sichuan Province, with a wholly-owned capital, mainly producing 20000 tons/year of sodium hexametaphosphate; In 2019, Sichuan Zeyong Chemical New Materials Co., Ltd. was established through investment and holding in Ya'an City, Sichuan Province, mainly producing 30000 tons/year of sodium hexametaphosphate and 20000 tons/year of sodium trimetaphosphate; In 2020, Golmud Hongge Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. was invested and established in Qinghai Province to construct a 30000 ton/year potassium phosphate production line; In July 2021, Sichuan Kangze Hongyun International Trade Co., Ltd. was wholly-owned at the Chengdu Global Center, mainly engaged in domestic and international trade of bulk chemical commodities.

We will continue to adhere to the core concept of "stable qualitysuperior servicepremium reputation", and gradually improve the overall image and operational strength of the company by firmly adhering to the business philosophy of "quality is life, reputation is guarantee".

The company is committed to meeting the needs of our customers. To achieve this ideal, we are willing to work together with friends to create a brilliant future!

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